Remote Data Collection Utility

Country : UK

Industry : Water & Utilities

Remote Data Collection Utility application was actually used to collect data directly from the data logging devices, where reading was picked up by the reader device and an integrated data application was built across this which interacted with central database to update the data on hourly basis. This data update was based on Dynamic Database Design.

System Highlights
  • A Server based utility synchronises the data on server for every 15 minutes to user defined time interval
  • It is fully automated with 24/7 support
  • The system reads the data from data logging device and push the data onto the server.
  • The application reads the encypted data then decrypt it and sends to the centralised server.
  • Then the data is readily available to the user in different formats on multiple computers.
  • Automated emails are sent at different time intervals which gives complete control to the client about the status of data synchronisation
  • Alerts are sent to the user about the malfunction of the devices to avoid any water loss
  • Different types of charts like LINE, PIE, COMPLEX chart which will give user better understanding of data and also allows comparing data.
  • Most importantly the different water measurement units from l/s to l/h which is achieved in click of a button.
  • Data is readily available to user to export in CSV, EXCEL, PDF & to the format needed for any bespoke applications.
  • Automated backup system which runs round the clock avoiding any downtime.
  • The data is held at different server locations including FTP server.
Please email at to access the demo application.